Is Your SEO Organic or Non-Organic?

Different strokes for different folks. The old saying holds its significance even in SEO industry. Unlike the earlier trends, drawing traffic to your website today is much more than just good content and good products. With thousands of websites popping up every day, the competition has now stiffened thereby calling for attention to search engine ranking and placement. Subsequently, various diverse methods and styles of web optimization have burst forth. The real moot issue today at any SEO company is between Organic SEO and Non-Organic SEO.

Organic or Natural SEO chiefly targets link building, content creation, web design and Meta-tags optimization so as to promote search engine visibility. Such an optimization method can be time consuming and wearisome. But since it homes in on high quality content, clearly described meta-tags, link exchanges and keyword enhancement along the lines of search engines, it tends to give long-term results. If carried out by the book, Organic SEO operation can by itself generate higher traffic and superior page rank for an extensive period.

Conversely, Non-Organic SEO is centered on the search engine marketing, which incorporates paid affiliate marketing, pay per click services and other paid advertising. This can swiftly bump up early placement and ranking. However, an SEO company must be watchful while exercising this form of optimization. Such En bloc generation of tags and keywords might risk your web pages to be marked as Spammers by the search engines. This may even further drop down your Search Engine Ranking. Since nothing can dominate top- grade content in the online marketing industry, Non-organic SEO is not really a reliable option. It may at once turn you into a top dog as far as search engine rankings are concerned. But you may never know, due to lack of first-class content, you could anytime be plunged back into lower placements. Hence, again reaching at the lowest rank from where you started.

Though both these search engine optimization methods offer benefits of their own, a good SEO company usually opts for Organic SEO strategies or the White Hat SEO. The reason can be primarily accounted for its ability to provide enriching and long-term results. Owing to the vibrancy of the content and natural optimization of web design and tags, Organic SEO is also favored by search engines. On the other hand, search engines usually take a dim view of Non- Organic SEO practices as it mainly involves buying the rankings and traffics. These techniques have also been referred to as Black-Hat SEO.

Investing in a Non- Organic SEO company isn’t terrible until you do not over indulge in these artificial strategies to fetch rankings and traffics. Also, make sure you are not over investing in the pay per click advertisements. Rather, invest into crafting unique content that engages both the search engines and the visitors.

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