Curated Links are the latest method within the SEO world right now, and lot’s of agencies are jumping on board to offer it to their clients. Of course as with all SEO methods, some do it well, and others do it badly. In fact with this latest link building method some are using improper means to attain their links. But rest assured here at Content Connections we use 100% white label outreach as explained below.

What are Curated links?

Put simply, these links are inserted into niche relevant Google indexed content, which has already been given Google approved link juice. Putting your client links within this already loved content is a wonderful way of securing high quality links, and can be achieved at minimal cost compared to usual outreach costs.

Curated Links Ordering Process

1. Decide what URL + Anchor texts you require
First, you need to determine what quality/quantity you will need. Using our client dashboard it is easy to see what is available including available discounts on bulk orders. For each placement you need, their is a form that allows you individually choose the URL and anchor text, as well as niche required. You have total control.

2. We find relevant sites via our outreach team
When we have your client details, our expert outreach team goes to work. Our aim is to find authority sites within your niche. Then we will curate the existing content to fit your link naturally to get the most authority whilst keeping the whole process Google friendly.

3. Once completed you receive a full detailed report
On completion of your order, we will email you a complete report, showing all the link placements that have been provided for you. We are confident you will be 100% pleased with the results.


Curated Link FAQ’s

Good Question - See above.
Is any link building truly White Hat? Well, we all know that it is not. However, our curated links are inserted in such a way that they look as genuine as any link could possible look. Webmasters are naturally doing this themselves all the time, so it is completely legitimate that your client link could also be included. In fact google actively encourages webmasters to do this.
Simply put - No. The majority of our time is spent finding relevant placements and securing outreach arrangements. We recognise that placing large orders with us requires a substantial amount of trust, so we recommend you place some trial orders and see just how effective our service really is. We are 100% confident you will be impressed with our curated links.
We guarantee the links will remain in place for at least 3 months, any links that don't for any reason with be replaced with fresh links. Unfortunately we cannot give longer time frames than this, as we have no control over the websites directly, we are at the mercy of the webmasters at the end of the day.
It is completely up to you what anchor text you wish to use. Where applicable we try to put your link within a small sentence/paragraph of text that is inserted into the existing content. How aggressive you want to be with your anchor text is your choice!