Introducing Payment Rewards

Today, we are excited to introduce a payment reward system into our existing ecosystem.

For every purchase of any service from our marketing products we are rewarding users with a 33% payment reward by using our newly minted CCC Coin.

Here is an example,

Let’s say you purchase a £20 curated link. If you decide to buy this with Xumm instead of PayPal and use our CCC Coin to make payment, we will reward you with 33% of the value of your purchase.

Let’s say that £20 would buy you 3000 CCC Coin via Xumm, when you spend that 3000 CCC to purchase your link, you will receive 1000 CCC back as a reward for using our newly minted coin. This 1000 CCC reward would be equivalent to £6.66 of your original payment. This reward can then be used to buy more services.

Or you can just HODL your rewards and benefit later as our CCC coin becomes more valuable.

To learn how to get your CCC tokens please read this guide.

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