Xumm Setup Guide

Before we can transact together with our CCC Coin, you need to install the Xumm app for your Android/IOS device.

Go to your device app store and install Xumm. You can also visit Xumm.app for further information on the Xumm app.

Xumm App Installation

Next, we need to setup a Xumm account. In order to do this, you need to create an account. Basically Xumm is a cryptocurrency wallet where you will have access to the XRP Ledger.

This is a great tutorial in setting up your Xumm wallet.

Setting up Trust Line

Once you have your Xumm wallet setup, we can now move onto creating a trustline.

This is a simple step, Just click the link below.

Following the link should take you to the Xumm Community page, where we follow the next step, check that you are setting up a trustline with the “Token Currency Code: CCC” then click confirm.

You should then be presented with a QR code, which you will scan with the Xumm app on your Android/IOS Device.

Once complete, our CCC token will show up in your wallet.

Add Xumm Wallet Address to Profile

In order to be rewarded with our CCC Coin for your purchases you need to add your XRP wallet address to your profile so we know where to send your rewards.

Once complete you are ready to accept CCC rewards whenever you make purchases via our website.

You can then use these CCC rewards to make further purchases at discounted rates.


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