Effective Website Promotion Techniques

If you are looking for highly effective website promotion techniques that will increase web traffic, speed up lead generation and increase sales, then these are the only techniques you will ever need.

Content marketing is the most efficient method of website promotion. By using different content marketing strategies you will improve your search engine ranking results and attract new visitors to your website.

Highly Effective Website Promotion Techniques Designed to Increase Traffic to Your Website

Article Marketing

Publish your articles in industry websites. You will receive a byline for articles published on other websites. People reading your helpful articles will click over to your website. Make sure every article addresses a specific problem, and offers your solution to the problem. When you solve specific problems, people will click on the link to your website to learn more about your products and services.

A great tip is to promote your email newsletter in the article resource box. When someone signs up to your newsletter, you can contact them via email, any time you want. Getting them to share their email address is better than sending them to your website, because you can reach out to them any time you choose.

Blog Marketing

A blog is different from a website. Unlike a corporate website, a blog promotes discussions and allow visitors to leave feedback. Answering questions from real people is a good way of answering doubts, solving problems and building trust in your brand.

Create thought provoking blog posts and publish them on your blog. People reaching your blog will leave comments and feedback on what you have to say. Daily updated blogs will also help to improve your search engine ranking results in Google and the other major search engines. All your posts don’t have to be written in a serious tone. Occasionally, you can post instances like milestones achieved and celebrations at the workplace, occasional failures of your products (that doesn’t put your product in a bad light), and creative, unusual uses of your products or services.

Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing is very interesting. You can publish useful posts, explaining some latest breakthrough, an upcoming deadline, a special sale or product promotion. You can also post interesting facts, fun and trivia. Make use of Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and LinkedIn to create engagement with your existing and potential new customers.

PPC Advertising

Also known as pay per click advertising or search engine advertising, this kind of advertising helps you to target people who are searching for something specific. When people search in Google for something you offer (say a computer desk), Google will show your ad. This is highly targeted advertising because you are reaching out to people who are searching specifically for computer desks, or whatever product you offer.

Search Engine Optimisation

If you follow the tips above, search engine optimisation or SEO will come naturally for your web properties. Blog marketing, social media marketing exposure, article marketing, and link building are factors that work in your favor.

However, an important factor is to ensure that your individual web pages are optimised for specific search terms, which people are using to find the products and services you provide. Use keyword discovery tools, like the free keyword tool from Google to build a big list of profitable keywords.

To optimise a web page, use the keywords in the page title, page description, in page headings, within the text, as alt attributes to images, and as anchor text for links. Also create an xml sitemap, which will make it extremely easy for search engines to index every page of your website.

Like PPC advertising, search engine optimisation also helps you reach people who are searching for something specific. The difference is, you dont pay Google or any other search engines for listing your website.

If you are interested in PPC advertising and wish to learn more about how this type of advertising could be of benefit to your company then it is worth watching the excellent What Is Pay Per Click Advertising video.

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